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Wow, what a show folks. I didn’t go into this thinking I was going to show this intensity for it. However I spoke from the heart, some times something is so deep, so rooted, so necessary it just launches you forward. I’d drawn runes for this show to give me an idea of how I should proceed, and I wish I’d taken a picture of that Thor’s Hammer draw now so I could explain to it better what it conveyed to me. At the time though, it kind of pointed out “This is important, trust your heart, trust your fire!” and I did. I went in as myself, held true to my heart, and I addressed you all this show the same way I address myself, with the same intensity I hold myself too.

We started out with a new opening, one symbolizing the truth of what it is we are doing here at KOA! It also moves into a kind of inspirational clip, a symbolic opening representing what it is I’m striving to do on the Labyrinth. I’m doing my part to carry on the part of Thor in the world. To help without asking of in return but the ability to help more. I referenced the Godly Goats that pull his Chariot across the sky for a reason. Those goats represent the force of power in the Nordic Tradition (goats being a hard to tame creature that when directed toward a goal has great ferocity and character of spirit). It also serves as a reminder to me at the beginning of the show. “Your here, your acting on your behalf but also on the behalf of all those who carry even if not the word of Thor in their heart, the same spirit and essence of helping the weak, kindness, mercy, and strength to stand against the frost! Don’t forget that!!”

We also had a number of GOOD rune readings, and I found the application of the Rune Hammer layout I’ve been wanting to use for awhile not only amplified the readings, but empowered the reader I think to a degree to see each rune, it’s importance, and to not turn away from the message those runes are saying.

Finally we addressed that old companion, you could say the child of Loki, fear. Yet like Loki misunderstood most often, fear is taken in the wrong way, and we address that. Finally we drew a line in the sand. Our mission statement was restated by me, in a moment of passion, in a moment of uncontrolled essence I felt moved to bellow that message forth as a rallying cry! I feel pride that I have done that, and rightness in the world with what I’ve said and do. It was a damn fine show.


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Show #11: Awareness – Tragic Rune reading.   Leave a comment

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Today was a rough one folks. It’s not that it was bad, it was that there was little that could be done for our dear caller. A problem beyond the mights of magicks, spirituality, psychic energy, and all else was presented. I provided what help and information I could. I can only hope we helped lend some strength and support to our troubled caller and that in some way we helped make her life a better place.

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Show #10 – Elements Continued! Plus Energy Programing   Leave a comment

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Episode 10 picked up where Episode 9 Leaves off covering the rest of the elemental system and jumping head first into mental energy programs, how they work, and what you can do with them!

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This was a great show, we had John and Ann call us up for rune readings and really that was the center piece of our show. We touched a bit on elements in-between rune readings and to be very honest I like it that way. It was an excellent show and we had a chance to help a some people with some problems. The content portion of the show covered the basics of Western Elements and I think we’ll pick up on Eastern Elements in the next show as well to kinda round us out. It was great talking to you both John and Ann and it was great having you both on the show. Feel free to drop us a line in the future either live or on the page through the contact information or in a comment via The Labyrinth’s update/blog page. KOA and The Labyrinth are really about helping people reach that next step, and the rune readings are an excellent tool for that and I’m very glad to be able to help people in this way.

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Episode #9 Reschedualed for next Wednessday   Leave a comment

Sorry for the dead air this time folks, we had a big miscommunication and the result was that we all wound up at different places, different times, and expecting a show to be on at various points. We wound up with an hour left to cover at least an hour and a half of material and it just wouldn’t due to do this thing half. So instead we’ve rescheduled every-ones favorite show on metaphysical application to next Wednesday September the 7th. I’m gonna work on a special intro skit to give us a good kick off for that and to set the mood for dealing with elements and to make up for letting those who tuned in down.

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Looking Forward: Show #9 Elemental Energies   Leave a comment

Show #9 will focus on both the Eastern and Western Elemental Energies and how we use those in mysticism. A comparison and contrast will be made between the two systems. Likewise the systems will be explored in their divination application (rather how being born under one of those signs affects the individual).

Depending on time and call-ins the second half of the show will be devoted to “Making Mental Programs” which is a concept very similar to but different from direct visualization and energy work.

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Today’s episode we confront the shadow. We provide tools, insight, and examination of what the shadow is, it’s purpose, and why we create it in the first place. We explore the shadow from the point of view of something that must be dealt with and not ignored for progression yet we also take the view that we will progress through this. This show provides one of the key stone elements of mysticism as the shadow is more often than not the biggest danger to the initiate and adept alike.

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